Foo Fighters halt Birmingham Villa Park Stadium show and Dave Grohl threatens 'you don't want'

Foo Fighters on stage at Villa Park Stadium in Birmingham
-Credit: (Image: Kirsty Bosley)

Foo Fighters halted their Birmingham show and Dave Grohl threatened "you don't want" as disruption broke out in the crowd. The Foos are ending their UK tour at Villa Park Stadium tonight (June 27).

And Dave Grohl paused tonight's Foo Fighters concert after a "problem in the crowd" meant the band couldn't continue playing. The band halted the performance at their Everything or Nothing At All Tour to check that a member of the crowd was safe after spotting an issue in the sprawling Villa Park throng.

The crowd had been whipped into a frenzy by the Foos from the very outset of their show and the entire arena standing area was filled with people.

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Early on in the set, frontman Dave spotted disruption in the audience and stopped playing, threatening to play Stairway to Heaven until the issue, which wasn't clear from the stands, was resolved.

"Is he up yet? Because if he's not up, we're going to start playing Stairway to Heaven," Dave threatened. "And no one wants to hear me play Stairway to Heaven."

He followed through on his threat and played the Led Zeppelin song, joined by the crowd, until the issue was resolved. The singer said that he often plays Stairway during crowd issues, though he only made it a couple of minutes in before the problem was resolved.