Food Network's Adam Richman Eats Britain to feature Leicestershire in next episode of new series

Adam Richman
Adam Richman is best known for the Man vs Food series -Credit:Taylor Hill/WireImage

An award-winning Indian restaurant in Leicester, Melton pork pies and the Leicestershire countryside will all appear in the next episode of Man Vs Food star Adam Richman’s latest TV series. Airing on Food Network at 9pm next Monday (May 6) will be the ninth episode of 'Adam Richman Eats Britain'.

The series sees the popular foodie traverse Great Britain on an “unusual but delicious tour”, tasting some of the most iconic food the island has to offer “using the map as his menu.” In episode nine, Leicestershire stands in for the menu: “Adam eats a perfect pork pie in Melton Mowbray before sampling brilliant boiled sweets, a sublime chicken curry in Leicester to a mac and cheese doughnut from a village restaurant.”

Adam teased his Instagram audience with pictures of his trip to the county, where he was filming back in October. Images he shared included the making of Melton Mowbray pork pies, snaps of Indian food from Spice Bazzar and the countryside.

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Spice Bazzar in Welford Road was named as the ‘Leicester Restaurant of the Year’ at the Nation’s Curry Awards for a second year running in 2024. Abdul Giash (44) the founder and one of the chefs at the Bazzar said previously that it was an “honour” to host Adam.

Adbul said the success of the Bazzar was down to the help of his Dad, Ahad Ali (67), who shadowed him and “showed him how it was done.” He also revealed that they signed a non-disclosure agreement to keep the news of Adam’s visit quiet.

Abdul said: “They were watching us cook the food, tasting it as we went along. He was trying our signature dishes.

“It was a privilege. For a guy like him to come and see us, it makes us unique. It’s a very good thing for our restaurant. It shows us that hard work pays off.”

“(The filming) was more about culture, and what won us the awards, where the food originated from. It was good in that sense.”

Food at Spice Bazzar
Food at the award-winning Spice Bazzar -Credit:Peter Fothergill