Foot and lower leg found by dog walker 'belonged to a woman'

Man  Picking up / cleaning up dog droppings
The body part was found by a dog walker on Thursday (Picture: Getty)

Investigations are underway after a ‘lower leg and foot’ believed to be that of a woman was found by a dog walker near to a primary school.

The body part was found on a narrow pathway near an old railway track in the village of New Waltham near Grimsby, Lincolnshire, at 6.45am on Thursday.

A cordon was put in place and police are working to establish the identity of the limb, speaking to local residents and searching nearby becks for clues.

Grimsby Live reported that the dog walker who found the limb is convinced it belongs to a woman.

The foot and lower leg was discovered near Louth Road in New Waltham (Picture: Google Maps)
The foot and lower leg was discovered near Louth Road in New Waltham (Picture: Google Maps)

According to reports, it is believed an animal may have dragged the lower leg to the path.

Locals are also reportedly concerned that more gruesome discoveries are likely, since the body parts or the rest of the body could be somewhere nearby.


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The pathway the discovery was made is called New Waltham Peaks Parkway Path, which runs alongside Waltham Academy, a primary school for children aged 4-11.

Detective Inspector Rhodri Troake, from Humberside Police, said: "The body part has now been recovered and has been forensically examined.

"While we are still in the very early stages of the investigation we can confirm it is human and is a small section of a lower leg and foot.

"Further detailed forensic examinations and analysis will now be conducted to ascertain the identity of the individual and to establish the exact circumstances.

"Numerous enquiries are being carried out as part of the investigation to determine what events may have occurred prior to this incident, how the body part came to be on the path and also the length of time it may have been in situ in the area.”

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