Former Ukip leader Henry Bolton who left third wife for racism scandal model is granted quickie divorce

Tristan Kirk
Debacle: Ukip leader Henry Bolton with his Jo Marney, who he left his wife for

Former Ukip leader Henry Bolton’s marriage to his third wife has ended in a “quickie divorce” after he walked out on her for a 25-year-old model.

The former Army lance corporal, 55, caused controversy when he left Tatiana Smurova and dropped the bombshell that he was in a relationship with party activist Jo Marney.

Russian-born Ms Smurova, his wife of seven years, claimed he abandoned her and their two young children at Christmas last year to be with Ms Marney, describing it as a “terrible betrayal”.

However, the politician said their marriage had been over since July last year, denying he had been having a “clandestine” affair.

Mr Bolton was elected Ukip leader last September, but his reign ended in February following the collapse of his marriage.

Split: Tatiana Smurova and Henry Bolton (PA Wire)

Racist messages about Meghan Markle sent by Ms Marney emerged, in which she claimed black people were “ugly” and vowed never to have sex with a “negro”. Ms Marney apologised for her comments, which she claimed had been “taken out of context”.

The scandal quickly engulfed Mr Bolton’s leadership of the Right-wing party, even after he said his relationship with Ms Marney was over.

At the Central London family court yesterday, Ms Smurova was granted a decree nisi to end her marriage to Mr Bolton. The hearing in front of District Judge Robert Duddridge lasted less than a minute and neither parties attended.

In an interview shortly after the split became public, Ms Smurova said she had learned of the end of her marriage in a text message sent on December 30. “What kind of person runs away to sleep with another woman, leaving their two small children over Christmas?” she asked. “I’m still breastfeeding his child for goodness sake. I feel as though I’ve been thrown in a cold ocean and I’m just trying to stay on the surface.”

Mr Bolton has since established the OneNation party, to spearhead a “100 per cent leave” campaign in the Brexit debate.

Ms Smurova petitioned to end the marriage on the grounds of adultery, but left the identity of the other woman simply as “unnamed”. The decree nisi will formally take effect in six weeks.

Documents show the couple married on July 22, 2011 at One Whitehall Place in Westminster.