France ups its lockdown police patrols

France reinstated a one-month national lockdown on Friday (October 30) to try and contain the resurgence of the pandemic.

Movement is restricted to 1 kilometre from one's residence, with exceptions for reasons such as work that cannot be done from home, family obligations and medical visits.

Patrol commander Gilles Foliard said lockdown rules were generally being followed, but that they would be more strict in asking people to show certificates if they were traveling outside the 1-km zone.

Violators faced an initial fine of 135 euros, and three violations over 30 days could be penalised by a 3750 euro fine and 6 months' imprisonment.

France's daily COVID-19 death toll spiked by 854 on Tuesday (November 3), an increase unseen since April 15, while the number of people hospitalized for the disease went up by more than a 1,000 for the fifth time in nine days.