Frankie Boyle jokingly hails Boris Johnson as ‘a stabilising force’ as pound flails

Comedian Frankie Boyle has aimed a dig at the UK government over the ongoing economic crisis.

The value of the pound dropped to a record low earlier this week, following a mini-Budget announcement by Liz Truss’s new Conservative government.

On Wednesday 28 September, the Bank of England announced it would intervene to stabilise the bond market amid warnings it was becoming “close to untradeable” due to volatility.

Boyle joked on Twitter: “Quite something when you realise that Boris Johnson was a stabilising force.”

“On the bright side, by the time your first three-grand gas bill arrives it’ll be roughly the price of a pint,” he quipped in a follow-up tweet.

Boyle’s second joke alluded to the impending energy crisis set to hit the UK this winter.

Two months ago, Boyle was cleared by Ofcom over comments he made about Boris Johnson on the Channel 4 comedy series The Last Leg.

In July, host Adam Hills asked the comedian if he had anything nice to say to the outgoing prime minister, prompting Boyle to reply that Johnson looked “like someone injected Hitler’s DNA into a panna cotta”, adding that he hoped that “vent opens up in the ground and clawed hands drag [Johnson] screaming into hell”.

Despite a small number of complaints about the comments, the broadcasting regulator found no wrongdoing.