Frasier Season 2 Has Cast Someone Close To Kelsey Grammer To Play Roz’s Daughter, But I’m More Intrigued By How Alice Will Affect Freddy’s Life

 Kelsey Grammer in Paramount+'s Frasier reboot Season 1.
Kelsey Grammer in Paramount+'s Frasier reboot Season 1.

If you have a Paramount+ subscription and enjoyed seeing Kelsey Grammer return as Frasier Crane last year, take comfort knowing that won’t be a one-off thing. In February, the Frasier revival was renewed for Season 2, and in May, it was announced that Peri Gilpin will have an expanded role as Roz Doyle following her guest appearance in the Season 1 finale. Now it’s been revealed that Roz’s daughter Alice will also appear during Season 2, and while it’s interesting to learn she’ll be played by someone close to Grammer, I’m more intrigued by the tease for how she’ll affect the life of Jack Cutmore-Scott’s Freddy, Frasier’s son.

Who Is Playing Alice In Frasier Season 2

Per a Variety profile covering Kelsey Grammer, Greer Grammer, the actor’s daughter from his relationship with hair and makeup stylist Barrie Buckner, will play Alice in Frasier Season 2. A former beauty queen, Greer made her acting debut in an episode of iCarly in 2010, and when it comes to TV, she’s best known for playing Lissa Miller in Awkward and April in The Middle. Film-wise, her credits include Life Partners, Roe V. Wade, Deadly Illusions (which she also produced) Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman and Burning at Both Ends. Greer isn’t the only one of Kelsey Grammer’s daughters who acts, as Spencer Grammer, born from his marriage to dance instructor Doreen Alderman, voices Summer Smith on Rick & Morty, among other credits.

Alice was born during Season 5 of the original Frasier from Roz’s fling with college student and Café Nervosa waiter Rick Garrett, who had only just turned 20 when Roz discovered she was pregnant. Not wanting to burden the young man, Roz decided to raise Alice by herself. Alice was played by Ashley Thomas in the final two seasons of the Cheers spinoff.

How Alice Will Fit Into Frasier Season 2

In addition to Variety mentioning that Alice’s appearance on Paramount+’s Frasier comes as Roz is “contemplating leaving Seattle,” which would explain why we’ll be seeing more of her, the publication also provided the official description of the adult Alice:

Now in her late twenties, friendly, outgoing Alice has inherited more than some of her mother Roz’s free-spirited ways. Having just moved to Providence to study architecture, Alice is eager to catch up with Frasier’s son Freddy—and complicate whatever romantic plans he may have.

In the Frasier Season 1 finale, titled “Reindeer Games,” Roz mentioned to the title character that Alice had been dating the same guy for roughly four years. As original Frasier viewers will recall, that’s a sharp contrast to her mother going through many romantic partners. However, it appears that relationship is over, presumably because she and her ex didn’t want to do a long-distance relationship due to her move to Providence, Rhode Island.

It’s hard to say if Alice is now eager to form something romantic with Freddy or is just looking forward to seeing him again as a friend, but I’m curious about what romantic plans of his she’ll complicate. Are Freddy and Eve finally thinking about dating each other, or does Alice’s arrival simply coincide with him dating another woman? Whatever the answer is, count on shenanigans and misunderstandings unfolding in typical Frasier fashion.

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