Free climber jailed for scaling Shard climbs 36-storey London tower in new stunt

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George King - Yui Mok/PA
George King - Yui Mok/PA

A climber who was jailed for scaling the Shard with no ropes has made it to the top of a 36-storey London tower undetected by the building's security.

George King spent six months in a young offenders' institution after climbing the 310-metre London skyscraper, which is the UK's tallest building, in 2019.

Undeterred by his prison spell, the 21-year-old from Oxford has now scaled a 36-storey residential block in Stratford, east London, using nothing but his bare hands.

He was photographed shimmying up pillars on the front of Stratosphere Tower, before balancing on a perilously narrow beam at the top. Residents were seen peering out of their windows in disbelief.

Managers of the building told The Telegraph that they were unaware Mr King had attempted the 117m (384ft) climb on Tuesday morning.

George King - Yui Mok/PA
George King - Yui Mok/PA
George King - Yui Mok/PA
George King - Yui Mok/PA

Mr King's manager said following the ascent: "George said the climb was quite tough but went well. It caused no disruption and it left people in the street smiling."

Mr King has become well known for daredevil stunts. As well as his hair-raising climbs, he has also been filmed train surfing - holding onto the outside of a moving train, and jumping between carriages or on to platforms.

His scaling of the Shard in 2019 was his first attempt to climb a high-rise building with no ropes. It took him just 45 minutes.

The owners of the Shard imposed an injunction in 2018 prohibiting people from climbing it. This was in order to prevent a protest about the number of empty luxury apartments in the skyscraper.

Mr King was jailed for six months after being convicted of breaching the injunction.

The former personal trainer has since been the subject of a Channel 4 documentary, The Boy Who Climbed The Shard.

He also hosts his own series on the channel, Adrenaline Addicts, in which he meets other extreme sport enthusiasts.

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