Friends who raced cars at twice the speed limit jailed for causing crash that killed young mum

Two friends have been jailed after racing their cars at twice the speed limit, causing a crash that killed a young mother.

Nadine Foster, 18, was the front passenger in a blue Ford Focus driven by boyfriend Dylan Stringer, 24, who lost control and ploughed into a wall after he swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle as he tried to overtake another car.

Nadine was left with multiple injuries and died in hospital four days after the crash, which happened in Oldswinford, Stourbridge, West Midlands, at around 12.15am on April 16, 2016.

Moments before, Stringer’s friend Joseph Chance, 25, had completed the same overtaking manoeuvre.

Witnesses described seeing the two men ‘racing’ just before the crash, with CCTV showing them travelling in convoy – just two seconds apart – over a distance of more than two miles. Just 200m before the crash, both had reached a speed of 78mph in a 30mph zone.

<em>Mum – Nadine Foster, 18, died in the crash, leaving behind a five-month-old son (Picture: West Midlands Police)</em>
Mum – Nadine Foster, 18, died in the crash, leaving behind a five-month-old son (Picture: West Midlands Police)

Neither man had insurance or MOT for the cars and both had drunk alcohol, but below the level required for a prosecution.

Chance had a provisional licence but Stringer failed to re-apply for his licence following a 2014 ban for drink-driving.

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Stringer, of Wychbury Road, Stourbridge, admitted causing death by dangerous driving and driving without insurance or a licence and Chance, Murcroft Road, Stourbridge, was found guilty of the same offence by a jury.

Stringer had denied the men were racing and claimed to have been driving at a speed of 50 to 55 mph before the crash, saying Nadine had distracted him by pinching his leg, causing the collision. He later refused to be interviewed.

<em>Jailed – both men received prison sentences at Wolverhampton Crown Court (Picture: PA)</em>
Jailed – both men received prison sentences at Wolverhampton Crown Court (Picture: PA)

Chance initially answered no comment and in a second interview sat in complete silence.

As they were both jailed at Wolverhampton Crown Court, the men were told they were equally culpable for the crash, with Chance setting the pace for a race.

Chance was jailed for eight years and banned from driving for 14 years, while Stringer was jailed for six years and banned from driving for 13 years. Both will have to sit an extended re-test to get their licences back.

DC Jamie Simon, from West Midlands Police’s Collision Investigation Unit, said: “Chance and Stringer chose to race their vehicles at more than double the speed limit, having both consumed alcohol, at the time it was dark and it had been raining.

“They did this with a blatant disregard for the laws of the road, and neither had insurance or a valid driving licence. Their reckless and stupid actions cost a young mother her life.

“Her son, who was five months old at the time, will know never get to know his mother.

“Driving in this manner is completely unacceptable and both Stringer and Chance will now have time to reflect on their actions, having been sentenced to a considerable amount of time in prison.”

(Top picture: West Midlands Police)

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