'Frustrated' Spandau Ballet hit back at Tony Hadley following his shock exit

Tony Hadley announced on Twitter today that he has quit Spandau Ballet “due to circumstances beyond his control,” but the band hit back this afternoon stating he has wanted to leave the group since September.

Spandau Ballet (GETTY)
Spandau Ballet (GETTY)

The ‘True’ hitmakers are not happy and said they are frustrated with the singer because they said he has refused to work with the group – comprised of brothers Martin and Gary Kemp, Steve Norman and John Keeble – for months and they have now decided to move on without him.

Responding to his abrupt exit, they wrote on their website: “Much to our frustration, Tony had made it clear in September 2016 that he didn’t want to work with the band anymore. This has not changed and 2015 was the last time we were able to perform or work with him. So we have now made the decision to move on as a band.”

Founding member Tony shocked fans when he took to Twitter earlier today to announce his departure, insisting he was forced to make the statement.

The statement said: “Due to circumstances beyond my control, it is with deep regret that I am required to state that I am no long a member of the band Spandau Ballet.”

In July, Tony admitted he felt it would be “best” if they don’t reunite, especially as they all have their own separate projects now.

At the time, he told BANG Showbiz: “We are off doing our own things now and I can’t see, certainly not for the foreseeable future, Spandau getting back together again. We have done a massive tour and I think it’s best left.”

Spandau Ballet
Spandau Ballet

The group formed in 1976 and reunited in 2015 for a world tour and have split up on-and-off over their career spanning more than three decades.

Tony was the lead vocalist throughout the 80s, but his relationships with his bandmates hadn’t always been plain sailing.

In 1999, Tony, drummer John and sax player Steve, all aged 57, were embroiled in a lawsuit over royalties with chief songwriter Gary, but they failed to sue him.


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