Full English breakfast served with peas sends Twitter into meltdown

Ellena Cruse
·3-min read

A picture of a full English breakfast has sparked a debate - after the cook served it with peas.

A photograph of the traditional breakfast was posted on Twitter by Rate my Plate which shares people's cooking and asks the public to decide how good it is.

In the picture, submitted by a user known as Jessica O, the usual fry up staples of eggs, sausages and beans were served alongside peas and a thick bacon, which some speculated was more akin to gammon.

Twitter users were quick to respond to the photo, which many people dumbfounded by the inclusion of the green vegetable on the plate.

One user said: "Thank goodness I’m in Scotland where a full Scottish breakfast is available. #beans optional, #peas never."

Another added: "Peas on a fry up? Na and that’s not even proper bacon I’d pass."

One Twitter user pondered whether Jessica O's meal could open the floodgates on new additions to the meal and said: "Has anyone ever heard of peas (or anything green) on a Full English? What's next - lettuce?"

Singer Beverley Knight also got involved in the debate, simply commenting: "Peas. No."

One person didn't stop with peas and gave a full critique of her dish and added: "No peas in an English Breakfast. Proper bacon too not that processed muck on there. Mushrooms, tomatoes and optional black pudding are missing. Hash browns are ok but they are not part of it either - an American invention."

Another felt that the fry up's creator should be punished for her ingredient choices.

They said: "Peas on a fry up? Off to the Tower of London with her now."

Another said: "Is that peas and gammon? In a full English? Which England is this please?"

However, one user didn't think the inclusion of peas was the worst crime and felt there were other things wrong with the breakfast.

"Worst still beans touching eggs," they said.