Full list of Gloucester City Council councillors as voters say 'yes to Lib Dems and no to Tories'

The Conservatives have lost control of Gloucester City Council with the Liberal Democrats becoming the largest party and looking set to lead the authority. The Lib Dems took 17 of the 39 seats on offer, the Tories held 11 seats while Labour and the Independents took seven and four respectively.

The Liberal Democrats were “mildly optimistic” ahead of the results while the Tories were fearing an almost complete wipeout. Some were expecting the results to be so bad they had already booked flights to the south of France for next week.

Lib Dem group leader Jeremy Hilton (LD, Kingsholm and Wotton) said it’s the best results the Lib Dems have had in Gloucester. On the other side of the county, Lib Dems extended their dominance on Cheltenham Borough Council as the Tories were wiped out.

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“We are clearly the largest group on the council and the Tories have lost control,” he said. “There’s a lot of work to do over the next few days and weeks to make Gloucester City Council better and provide better services.

“The Conservatives have let the city down. The public has said no to you and yes to the Liberal Democrats.”

Cllr Hilton said the Lib Dems will have a group meeting and talk to all three groups equally and fairly to see how they can “run the City Council the best they can for Gloucester”.

Conservative councillor Andy Lewis (C, Quedgeley Severn Vale), who held onto his seat, will lead his group. He said it was a disappointing night for his party.

His main aim will be to try and bring his group together and hold the new council leadership to account.

“We will rebound,” he said. “There’s a place for us on the council to hold the next administration to account for the betterment of Gloucester.”

Labour group leader Terry Pullen who held his Moreland seat was pleased with the gains his party made. He said his group saw the largest gains across the city and it provides them a good platform to work to win the constituency seat in the general election.

Independent group leader Alastair Chambers (I, Matson, Robinswood and White City) has ruled out doing any deals with the other groups.

He says his group will run “mini-polls on Facebook” and vote according to the public’s wishes in Matson, Robinswood and White City. “We are here for the public,” he said. “Not for the political parties. We will be the true voice for the community.”

Going into the elections, the political make-up of the council is 21 Conservatives, 14 Liberal Democrats, two Labour councillors and a couple of Community Independents.

Gloucester City Council newly elected councillors


Gravells, Andrew - Conservative Party

Walker, Louise Ann - Conservative Party


Brooker, Laura - Conservative Party

Hyland, Kate - Conservative Party


Bowkett, Ashley James - Liberal Democrat

Taylor, Joshua Luke - Liberal Democrat

Barton and Tredworth

Bhaimia, Usman Gani - Liberal Democrat

Marshall, Roseanna Louise - Labour Party

Patel, Sajid - Conservative Party

Coney Hill

Millard, Tracy Sharon - Labour and Co-operative Party


Norledge, Vicky - Liberal Democrat

Radley, Anne Marie Clare - Liberal Democrat


Bell, Andrew - Independent

Evans, Sylvia - Conservative Party


Wiederhold, Alwin Ferenc - Liberal Democrat

Wilson, Declan Michael Hilary - Liberal Democrat

Kingsholm and Wotton

Conder, Angela Margaret - Liberal Democrat

Hilton, Jeremy Eric - Liberal Democrat


James, Karen Louise - Labour and Co-operative Party

Jones, John - Labour and Co-operative Party


Castle, Linda Sudan - Liberal Democrat

Sawyer, Sarah Dawn - Liberal Democrat

Shervey, Luke Samuel - Liberal Democrat

Matson, Robinswood and White City

Chambers, Alastair - Independent

Graham, Adrian - Independent

O’Donnell, Brendon Sean - Independent


Chambers-Dubus, Tree - Labour and Co-operative Party

Pullen, Terry - Labour and Co-operative Party

Simms, Valerie - Labour and Co-operative Party


Field, Sebastian Richard - Liberal Democrat

Quedgeley Fieldcourt

Chambers, Stephanie - Conservative Party

Miller, Victoria Janes - Conservative Party

Quedgeley Severn Vale

Harries, Liam John - Liberal Democrat

Lewis, Andy - Conservative Party


Campbell, Lorraine Joan - Conservative Party

Courtney, Caroline Catherine - Liberal Democrat


Hyman, Howard - Liberal Democrat

Tracey, Pam - Conservative Party

Trimnell, Rebecca Jane - Liberal Democrat