Fuming locals hit with £10k bill after breaking bizarre fence rule

Residents living by a picturesque marina have been ordered to pay £10,000 for a new fence - to stop them helping boat users with their shopping. People living in Albion Mill in Worcester have been banned from passing bags over the existing railings. To avoid a 20-minute walk carrying heavy bags, boat owners leave their shopping at metal railings on the opposite side of the pontoon where their boats are moored. They then walk around the apartments to access Diglis Marina and have their bags passed over the railings by kind-hearted Albion Mill residents. Apartment managers now plan to erect a 2m (6.5ft) high 35m (114ft) long fence to block off the pontoon after two people complained about boat owners trespassing. They say the current practice means boat owners access a private car park and say some people have been climbing over the metal railings. But furious residents claim they are being punished for helping boat owners.