Mum, 37, slams lax airport security which let her travel to Spain with her teenage daughter's passport

Kelly with her daughter Hannah. She has hit out at airport security following the mix-up with Ryanair (SWNS)
Kelly with her daughter Hannah. She has hit out at airport security following the mix-up with Ryanair (SWNS)

A mum who accidentally boarded a flight using her 15-year-old daughter’s passport was left stranded in Spain when she tried to return home – and furious with airport security

Kelly Goodger, 37, flew out to the Spanish party resort of Magaluf from Stansted with troubled airline Ryanair with her best friend to celebrate her birthday.

Somehow she got through the ‘shockingly lax’ airport security in the UK – despite the fact she was carrying her 15-year-old daughter Hannah’s passport.

Her bargain £400 holiday turned into a nightmare when she was turned away from her flight home, and was left with with an extra £1,200 to pay.

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After Kelly realised she had the wrong passport, her son had to fly out with the correct document two days later.

The mum-of-four said her mistake raised worrying questions about airport security.

‘I’d got it out the safe and put it in my bag before we headed off to the airport, just flicking the pages open to check.

‘I was so shocked when I realised – it hadn’t just been looked at, it had been scanned, three times by Ryanair, then again at the entrance to duty free and at Palma airport too.

‘My daughter is 22 years younger than me and she has a different surname.

‘The negligence is disgusting, with what’s going on in the world.

‘If they are letting me out, who are they letting in?’

Kelly flew out from Stansted Airport on 1 September without any problems, leaving son George, 18, and Tommy, 17, and Hannah, 15 at home with her dad.

Kelly flew to Spain with her best friend Ruth Dignam (SWNS)
Kelly flew to Spain with her best friend Ruth Dignam (SWNS)

After four days on the party island, Kelly and Ruth headed to Palma Airport.

But the mum-of-four was flabbergasted when an official from Monarch Airlines checked the passport – and noticed it was for a child.

She spent a night in the airport while she booked son Tommy on the first flight she could afford – which arrived two days later.

She had to fork out £80 for Tommy’s Easyjet flight, £70 on a hotel, plus another £160 for both their return flights on Jet2 – as well as more for food and drink.

All in all her cost of her holiday more than tripled, leaving her £1,200 out of pocket.

She said: ‘Officially, my daughter Hannah Page is out in Magaluf and has not come home, and Kelly Goodger entered this country somehow.

‘As it stands, they must think my daughter’s not in the country.’

Kelly and Ruth on the plane (SWNS)
Kelly and Ruth on the plane (SWNS)

‘She found it quite amusing but she was scared when I was stuck in the airport on my own.

She added: ‘Ryanair were no help at all – they insinuated I’d lost my passport on holiday and were very rude, despite it being their fault I got on the plane in the first place.’

A spokesman for Ryanair said: ‘It is each passenger’s individual responsibility to ensure that he/she is travelling on a valid passport, in compliance with Ryanair’s terms and conditions.’