GAA fans hit out at Derry vs Kerry 'dross' after All-Ireland 'shocker'

Photo shows Derry's Brendan Rogers and Kerry's Diarmuid O’Connor
-Credit: (Image: INPHO/James Crombie)

Kerry triumphed over Derry in Sunday afternoon's All-Ireland Football Championship quarter-final, a match that has drawn widespread criticism from fans for its lacklustre display.

In what was a tense encounter at Croke Park, Kerry eventually broke away to secure a 0-15 to 0-10 victory, knocking Mickey Harte's team out of the Championship.

Following an exciting opener between Louth and Donegal, Kerry and Derry's defensive tactics and lack of urgency resulted in a game that slowly simmered rather than boiled over with excitement.

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Despite Kerry's clear win, the style of their victory and the overall performance of both teams have been widely condemned by both supporters and commentators, with many labelling the match as "terrible", "boring" and "dross", reports the Irish Mirror.

Social media was filled with reactions to the match.

One fan said: "That was a terrible football game between Kerry and Derry from start to finish."

Another added: "Wow that @Doiregaa v @Kerry_Official was a tough watch. Kerry did enough to win will take stopping now I would think. Finally after 4 yes 4 losses Derry are gone from the C'ship. Along with the rules, the format needs looking at."

This supporter tweeted: "3 points down, 3 minutes normal time left, Kerry in possession, Derry playing a sweeper. Shocker of a game to watch in general. But Derry deserving losers."

Another said: "Been a bore fest these quarter finals and nobody at them. Kerry v Derry worst stuff seen all year."

Some other reactions included:

"I wish someone had put Kerry Derry behind a paywall that was dross!"

"That was a shocking game of football and I hope to f*** its the end of Mickey Harte's defensive football as it kills the game. Attacking football is the only way forward."

"The Kerry Derry game was in the words of Jim Ross 'bowling shoe ugly.'".

"That Kerry V Derry game was the most boring game of football I watched in years. I miss the football played in the 80s."

"That Was Atrocious...."

"Let's never talk of that Kerry and Derry game again."

"Ahh, lads, that was the most boring match Kerry v Derry."

"A poor boring game of football between Kerry and Derry. Hoped for better."

"Derry - Kerry, boring game."

"This match is more boring than the Angelus. The Angelus is riveting compared to this rubbish."

"Kerry v Derry. Haven't seen as boring a game of football in a long time. Simply unacceptable as a spectacle."

"Kerry v Derry is as boring of a game that's ever been played .Unwatchable."

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