Gardener's compost bag hack that is perfect for planting new flowers and more

Close-up image of a person kneeling beside a bag of compost and lifting a large scoop of soil out of the bag on a trowel. Plant pots and gardening equipment in the background.
Compost bags have multiple uses! -Credit:Getty

A gardening expert has shared a simple compost bag hack that will help you save money when heading to the shops this summer.

If you have big dreams for your back garden and have got all the plants and flowers ready to be potted, this hack is for you. It is always fun to grab new seedlings, plants and flowers from garden centres - but where do you put them?

Instead of splurging on new plant pots on these new purchases, why not follow this trick that will reuse some compost or feed bags and also keep your plants thriving.

One woman, who goes by @adventuresofhanzo on TikTok, shared the perfect trick on her page. In the video, the woman wrote: "Always got loads of empty feed or compost sacks lying around? Don't just bin them! They make great free pots!"

The woman showed off her empty compost bag as she folded up the opening to look like a rolled up bag. She then filled it up with soil off camera and planted all the flowers and food she desires.

The woman added: "Fab for loads of different types of veg or flowers. Or, even just leftover potatoes that you have sprouting in the cupboard!"

In the rest of the video, the TikTokker shows her collection of DIY compost bag plant pots full of flowers, plants and even some fruit and vegetables. This video garnered a whopping 19,400 views as viewers flocked to the comments to share their joy at finding this simple trick.

One person wrote: "Yes! Thank you for this! I was just wondering where I was going to put all my tomato plants but I have a few of these so this will help!" Another said: "Great idea!"

A third asked: "Did you pierce some drainage holes?" The woman replied: "The ones that had soil/compost in are usually already perforated in lots of places so drain quite well! I do with the feed sacks."

A fourth noted: "I do this too. I put 3 cuts along bottom of bag for drainage, and plants grow great."

Will you give this compost bag hack a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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