Gardener's three-ingredient concoction will get your plants thriving this summer

Young woman in wheelchair watering plants
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It's that season when those with gardens are eager to see their outdoor spaces burst into vibrant life.

If you're fortunate enough to have a garden, now's the time you'll want it looking its best, whether for hosting garden parties or simply enjoying a quiet read amongst the greenery.

Wondering how to get your plants and flowers to flourish without breaking the bank?

TikTok user @oldgarden.official has shared a nifty trick for "how to make a fertiliser for green plants" using simple household items. To start, they suggest taking egg shells and "crush[ing] them in a container".

Next up, mix in 50ml of white vinegar with the crushed egg shells. To complete this three-ingredient recipe, add 500ml of water and then "let it stand for three days". After waiting, "filter out the water".

Transfer the resulting solution into a spray bottle. According to the TikToker "you will find green plants growing luxuriantly" with "shiny green" leaves.

The tip was met with enthusiasm in the comments section, with many thanking them for the "good tip". Some users even offered their own gardening advice, such as one who commented: "I put crushed egg shells right into the dirt with coffee grinds. Works amazing."

In related news, an expert recently highlighted which beloved garden plants require pruning around this time of year.

Ben McInerney, a gardening expert and the founder of Go Tree Quotes, advises that roses, shrubs, and perennials should be pruned in June for optimal growth.

Ben highlighted that pruning your roses around now will "guarantee new growth and beautiful blooms" by summer. Speaking on shrub maintenance, he stated: "All you have to do is cut off any dead or damaged branches, as well as any overgrown or crossing branches."

And if you want more blooms on your perennials, then cut the stems right above where there's a healthy set of leaves.