Gardeners told to hang CDs in garden now to stop annoying issue

A CD in a garden
-Credit: (Image: (Image: Alex Evans))

Garden enthusiasts are being encouraged to repurpose their old CDs this July by hanging them in their gardens. Remember CDs? Those shiny, music-encoded discs that were all the rage before Spotify took over?

Now, they're being given a new lease of life as garden protectors. It doesn't necessarily have to be a CD - an old DVD will do the trick too.

The aim is to safeguard fruits and vegetables from pesky birds. Despite their reputation for being attracted to shiny objects, birds are actually deterred by CDs.

They won't dare to snatch your strawberries or nibble at your raspberries if you've lined your raised beds with CDs. The reflected light startles them, especially when a breeze causes the discs to spin and reflect in random directions, reports the Express.

Gardening page Food For Trees and Africa shared this tip, stating: "Did you know that by hanging old CDs around your food garden, you'll startle birds with the reflecting light and keep them away from your vegetables and herbs. It's a trick we've put into action at the Food and Trees for Africa food garden."

They suggest hanging the discs loosely so they can easily catch the sun's rays and spin in the wind. To keep the birds on their toes, it's recommended to change the location of the CDs around your beds every now and then.

The CDs will instantly trigger birds' flight response, causing them to swiftly flee.

It's important to occasionally change the location of the discs to prevent birds from becoming accustomed to their source.

This way, you can cultivate strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes and other crops without the worry of avian intruders, while guiding birds towards safer areas like lawns where they can feast on slugs and worms instead.