Gary and Terese's wedding is called into question

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

From Digital Spy

Gary is troubled by Susan's decision to pull out as marriage celebrant – and her vague excuses for her decision. Terese is tempted to confess, but instead suggests that maybe they shouldn't rush into marriage.

Gary is determined to convince Terese they're marriage-ready and urges her to work through a list of questions with him that he found online, which he hopes will prove his case. Will this be Terese's undoing?

Meanwhile, Hamish realises that he needs to detach Tyler from Mark. He is easily able to persuade Tyler that he lets Mark push him around too much. However, when he subtly questions whether Mark is likely to turn violent like Russell, Tyler won't be convinced. Later, Hamish expertly goads Mark into a conflict to prove his point and Tyler is horrified.

Elsewhere, Dipi's lingering doubts start to niggle at her and she places a call to an old colleague – she needs a background check on Leo Tanaka.

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