Gemma Collins apologises for letting dog eat off plate in restaurant

Gemma Collins allowing her dog to eat off her plate was a huge talking point

Gemma Collins apologises for letting her dog eat from the plate. (Instagram)
Gemma Collins apologises for letting her dog eat from the plate. (Instagram)

Gemma Collins has said she is sorry for allowing her dog Blue eat from her plate in a restaurant.

It quickly became a big talking point on social media in January when the former TOWIE star filmed her dog eating her leftovers from her plate in a restaurant. At the time, Collins – who recently got engaged – sparked a divide on social media over the video.

With the video, she wrote on Instagram: "The LOVE for dogs in hampstead is next level the joy and happiness they bring to our lives why doesn’t everywhere become more doggie friendly this would be fabulous please let me know all the dog friendly places please."

Now this week, the GC has apologised for triggering a "massive, massive storm" and she agreed she shouldn't have let her dog eat from her plate in hindsight. Reflecting on The Gemma Collins podcast, she said: "I just couldn't resist blue having some scrambled eggs off my plate. I love the dog more than myself."

She added: "It's taken over my whole life. I'm officially a dog mum. Anyway, it caused a massive, massive storm. And you know, I've got to say I do apologise. Yeah, I shouldn't let the dog eat off my plate in the restaurant.

"It was a bit over the top, but I just love my dog. And, you know, sorry to anyone that was offended. I didn't mean to cause any harm whatsoever. I've been spending loads of time in Hampstead because it is a dog friendly place and you're hearing it here first."

How did the restaurant respond?

The Oak and Poppy Hampstead commented beneath the original post saying that they don't allow dogs to eat from people's plates. The restaurant wrote on social media: "Thank you for visiting Gemma Collins, it's always great to see you."

The restaurant added: "We love and welcome dogs at Oak & Poppy, however we do not allow dogs to eat from plates and ask that dogs stay on the floor on leads."

How did viewers react?

Gemma Collins divided fans on social media. (Getty)
Gemma Collins sparked a divide among fans on social media. (Getty)

Social media was totally divided over the GC's controversial video. Some people were completely horrified at seeing a dog eating from a plate in a restaurant. Among the comments, one person wrote: "Disgusting letting a dog lick the plate ewwww."

Another person wrote on social media: "This is totally unhygienic behaviour. That restaurant should never allow such a disgusting thing to happen."

Even some dog owners agreed this was going a step too far. "I'm all for dog friendly places. I have 2 black labs but, I wouldn't be happy to use plates after a dog has eaten of it, even if they are washed. Just saying," one person wrote.

Another wrote: "I agree that there definitely should be more dog friendly places around, I have a dog myself. However letting a dog lick off a plate like that in a restaurant is really gross and shouldn’t be allowed."

On the flip side, some people jumped to the GC's defence and criticised those who were having a "meltdown" about the video. Among the comments, one person wrote: "People having a meltdown because of the plate. It’ll go into a dishwasher."

"People crying about the dog licking the plate - the dog is probably cleaner than most people." Others added. "He’s being more polite than most human customers."

The post even garnered attention of her celebrity friends Jedward who responded saying: "Dogs are family members."

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