Gemma Collins: I'm not Dancing On Ice's 'fat joke'

The TOWIE star says she is determined to wow audiences on ‘Dancing on Ice.’
The TOWIE star says she is determined to wow audiences on ‘Dancing on Ice.’

The Only Way is Essex star and businesswoman Gemma Collins says she’s determined not to be the ‘fat joke’ on the upcoming Dancing on Ice series.

Due to air in the new year, Collins has been training extensively for the ice skating competition with her professional partner Matt Evers for 12 weeks, and she has already dropped a dress size.

Speaking to The Sun, the 37-year-old speaks candidly about how the public may perceive her, and how she hopes to change this by appearing on the popular skating show.

“Everyone thinks I’m the fat joke on the show but whatever’s going to happen in my life, I can do this,” Collins said.

She also hit out at the trolls online and says they will end up ‘eating their words.’

“And I’m going to prove every f***er out there wrong. People will be eating their words. That’s how I feel.”

Revealing her slimmed down frame, she said her new look is down to an improved diet and of course the rigorous Dancing On Ice training.

“There’s still a little bit of excess fat there, there but I am so much more toned.

Collins with her Dancing on Ice partner Matt Evers.
Collins with her Dancing on Ice partner Matt Evers.

“I’ve gone from doing no exercise to exercising two hours a day. When you feel better you don’t want to eat s***. I’ve cut down on a few takeaways because I know that if I have one late at night then I have to come here in the morning, then, you know, I’m not getting around that ice,” she explained.

Collins, who says she is a size 20, also admitted she was initially scared of dance partner Matt Evers lifting her. But to her surprise, he is able to do the nifty move just fine.

“One of the first things I said was, ‘Oh my God, Matt, how are you going to lift me?’ But it’s hysterical, he actually can lift me, we have done a lift. I’ve lifted him as well. I am going to lift Matt in one routine and he is definitely going to lift me,” she explained.

She has unfortunately suffered merciless online trolling, especially on Twitter and Instagram, since it was announced that she would be competing on Dancing on Ice.

Matt Evers has already come out in her vehement defence, and slammed a Twitter troll who mocked the reality star.

In a passionate Twitter post he hit back at a bitter troll who wrote ‘better reinforce the ice.’

Dancing on Ice starts on Sunday January 6 on ITV.

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