Gemma Collins and James Argent deny 'showmance' claim on This Morning

TOWIE couple Gemma Collins and James Arg’ Argent appeared on today’s This Morning to defend their relationship and dismiss the idea they’re playing up to the cameras for a ‘showmance’.

Speaking to hosts Holly Willougby and Phillip Schofield, the pair insisted they were loved up and made some interesting revelations on their partnership.

During their interview, Arg spoke up about how he preferred to keep things on the down-low rather than broadcast them on telly.

‘That’s why I get confused about the whole ‘showmance’ side of things,’ Arg said, ‘because I’ve always kind of played things down between me and Gemma – like, things would be going on off-camera – but I would be the one that would say “no, Gemma, let’s keep it in private, just us two, let’s see how it plays out, and I don’t want to make a big deal out of it”.’


Holly reminded viewers that the couple had indeed been taking big steps romantically saying they’ve ‘bought a place together… that’s a real step, to put on a show,’ as the pair nodded and look pretty please with themselves.

Gemma then revealed she’d ‘started washing and ironing for him,’ which, if anyone knows GC will be aware this is very out of character – as she admits.

‘I was the single girl before,’ Gemma quipped. ‘I had a fridge full of alcohol, I’d hang my clothes the minute I pulled them out the washing machine and let them dry naturally.


‘So, now I’ve gone from that to going to the supermarket every week, I’ve got a washing machine – I absolutely love it – that’s my new favourite thing and, yeah, I do all the ironing.’

While buying food each week and doing basic household chores are pretty standard to, well, everyone, maybe this is enough to convince the naysayers that Gemma and Arg are in fact the real deal.

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