Katie Hopkins mocked on Twitter for offering advice to Londoners

Katie Hopkins arguing with the media. (REX)
Katie Hopkins arguing with the media. (REX)

Katie Hopkins has been mocked online after trying to offer Londoners advice on their mayor and living in the capital – from the comfort of her Devon home.

After Hopkins, 43, decided to tweet about the news that Donald Trump was set to visit the UK on 13 July.

‘Do not listen to the niplle-height, Muslim mayor or Londonistan,’ she said.

Which prompted a new opinion piece in the Guardian that was pretty scathing.

Writer Marina Hyde summarised the ex-Apprentice star’s seeming irrelevance and need to stay in the spotlight.

Referring to the fawning Donald Trump comment, Hyde said: ‘Well, he does feel like the one thing that could bring our divided nation together at this moment.’

Hopkins being snapped getting out of a taxi. (REX)
Hopkins being snapped getting out of a taxi. (REX)

She berated Hopkins’ continued attack on London mayor Sadiq Khan, ‘ which she uses for securing bookings on Fox News in the off-season between terrorist incidents here or elsewhere in Europe.’

Hopkins’ choice to stay in the UK, rather than move the the US she appears to adore more, to appear as UK-based mouthpiece for Fox News, is described as ‘ being almost a performance art piece about pointlessness.’

In the opinion piece, she notes the right-wing conservative’s irony of regularly speaking ill of London but travelling there to work: ‘ The other irony is that Katie is frequently required to make journeys to the capital for a television booking, or to be sacked by someone for her latest act of Freudian self-sabotage.’

And naturally people on Twitter were having none of what former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Hopkins had to say.

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