Gemma Whelan won't miss 'huggy-huggy stuff'

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Gemma Whelan credit:Bang Showbiz
Gemma Whelan credit:Bang Showbiz

Gemma Whelan doesn't miss performing "squishy-squishy, huggy-huggy stuff" on camera.

The 40-year-old actress - who played Yara Greyjoy in 'Game of Thrones' - admits her professional life has changed markedly since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and the rise of the #MeToo movement.

She explained: "All the squishy-squishy, huggy-huggy stuff has stopped. But I don’t miss it. You have to be a bit more genuine now if you’re saying hello. You can’t hide behind a big hug. And there’s no question mark over it: Do we double kiss? Do we hug? Clasp hands? No, we just say hello to each other."

Gemma has faced mandatory COVID testing at work since restrictions were eased.

And the actress admits that her decision to receive the vaccine was complicated by her pregnancy, as the initial medical evidence wasn't entirely clear.

Gemma - who gave birth to her son, Freddie, four weeks ago - told the Guardian newspaper: "I’m double-vaxxed, and had both while I was pregnant. I spoke to the midwife and doctors at length, and read all the stories about the huge number of American pregnant women who had been jabbed without incident. And I knew if I got COVID in the third trimester it could be very serious.

"It’s not an easy decision but I felt comfortable to make it and we’re both fine."

Meanwhile, Gemma previously explained that she and her husband Gerry Howell did their best to keep their spirits up amid the UK's coronavirus lockdown.

She shared: "Like other families in Britain, and the rest of the world, we are trying to keep spirits up and following the rules about staying in and washing hands. We’re also ordering food from local businesses to try to support them."

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