UK opinion polls: Tory lead over Labour Party grows as support up three per cent

Bronwen Weatherby
Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Getty Images

Support for the Tories has hit 45 per cent, increasing the party's lead over Labour, according to a new poll.

The Conservative Party has seen a steady climb from 42 to 45 per cent from last week, the YouGov survey suggests.

This brings the party 17 per cent ahead of Labour, who remain unchanged at 28 per cent.

The data is based on the voting intentions of 1,670 adults Brits.

Support for the Liberal Democrats remains at 15 per cent and the Brexit party remains at four per cent.

The Green Party has dipped one per cent, losing some of their support.

Figures come just before the election campaign strides into its fourth week.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson began his rally for voters this week by visiting some of the areas in the north of England and knocking on doors in Mansfield.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking after a Labour clause V meeting on the manifesto at Savoy Place in London (PA)

He also went to Bolton, the scene of a high-rise fire, and sought to reassure residents about the Government's intention in dealing with cladding on buildings.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also been out drumming up support and visiting flood-hit neighbourhoods in the north.

Yesterday, he met with senior party figures to agree his manifesto with particular attention thought to be paid to the immigration policy.

The two leading parties continue to battle it out over the main policy areas this year including immigration, which the Tories will vow to cut and the NHS which Mr Corbyn has accused Mr Johnson of trying to sell off.

Meanwhile Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson is to continue her legal battle over the upcoming TV debates, with a letter due to be sent to the BBC who have arranged a head-to-head only between Mr Johnson and Mr Corbyn.