"Genuinely beyond ridiculous": Fans queuing outside of Co-op Live vent their anger as the grand opening gig is cancelled just as it was about to begin

Hundreds of fans have been forced to leave the venue
Hundreds of fans have been forced to leave the venue -Credit:Sean Hansford | Manchester Evening News

Fans of A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie have been left reeling after the rapper’s gig was cancelled just ten minutes before the opening act was due on stage.

Hundreds of ticket holders already inside and queuing for the show scheduled for 9pm this evening (May 1) have been told to 'leave the arena' after bosses announced the concert will not be going ahead due to a 'technical issue'.

The shock announcement comes after weeks of turmoil at the £365m Eastlands venue, which saw capacity at a test gig slashed and several shows rescheduled amid emergency services concerns over the safety of the venue.

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In a statement last night, Co-op Live bosses insisted tonight's concert with the American rapper would still go ahead but at 6:40pm, the venue took to X to break the news to fans that the gig had been cancelled.

In a statement posted on X, the venu wrote: "Due to a venue-related technical issue, tonight’s A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie show will no longer go ahead. We kindly ask fans to leave the area. Tickets holders will receive further information in due course.

“We deeply apologise for the significant inconvenience this will cause for many.”

Fans leaving the venue
Fans leaving the venue -Credit:Sean Hansford | Manchester Evening News

Infuriated fans have been quick to react to the last minute cancellation.

Commenting on the post by the Co-op live, Ryan Kelly wrote: “What use is an apology, you knew full well this event would not go ahead.

“Thousands more people out of pocket and having to reschedule hotels, trains, time off work! And to cancel so close to the time is cruel, I’m sure there will be no recompense to those affected?

Kate Duckworth said: “Save your apologies. To cancel an event whilst people are queuing to get in is an absolute disgrace!”

Among those commenting are concerned parents whose children have been turned away by the venue.

Jo Lunn wrote: “Just appalling. Two teenage daughters at the Coop Live now being told the show is cancelled, to go home and not use social media. On the back of us trying to see Peter Kay last week. The costs incurred and disappointment are huge.”

Sara Townley added: “I’m fuming my daughter travelled there just to be turned away after being on the news all day that it’s going ahead - really unfair just do the decent thing and cancel everything in advance until you are 100% certain everything is ok.”

Another parent said: “It’s a joke my daughter was in the queue to get in.”

Others have shared concerns about future gigs. Olivia Rodrigo is slated to perform two huge shows at the arena on Friday and Saturday and Keane is billed to bring the 20th anniversary celebration of their debut album to the venue on Sunday night.

Amy wrote: “Are you going to at least have the decency to let us know if Olivia Rodrigo isn’t going ahead this weekend, ahead of time? Before I travel 3+ hours?”

P. Riddlesworth added: “Will the Olivia Rodrigo gigs be going ahead this weekend? What an absolute shambles”.

Debra Kay said: “My granddaughters are supposed to watch Olivia Rodrigo Friday.... they'd better sort it one way or another they are so excited”, and Natasha Jones added: “Best be sorted for Friday or I will have a very upset little girl.”