Geordie gossip: Newbies Abbie Holborn, Zahida Allen and Sarah Goodhart

It’s the middle of the week, and oh my god there is soooo much to write about! Last night's Geordie Shore, all of the drama kicking off in the Series which is currently being filmed and more…

To start with, let's speak about the new series of the show. From news reports it would appear that MTV have recruited three new lasses for the show to replace Charlotte, Holly and Chantelle, presumably. They have brought in Abbie Holborn, Zahida Allen and Sarah Goodhart. And my goodness, hasn’t this change just brought absolute chaos?!?


On Twitter I have seen so many hateful tweets towards the newbies saying that they ‘will never live up to the originals’ and that ‘everyone is gonna stop watching now’. Rubbish – absolute rubbish. Let me tell you, I am a big football fan, and when Ronaldo left United people were frustrated but things soon got better, when Peggy Mitchell left the Queen Vic people were gutted, but again it got better shortly after. Things happen but at the end of the day, they do improve. Unless you support Exeter City like I do – now that really is a dead rubber.  Anyway, my point is that in life not everything goes your way and sometimes bad things will happen, but in this case with the originals leaving, it won’t be long before people are tweeting ‘I love this new girl’ about any one of the new three.

Holly recently tweeted saying RIP to Geordie Shore and how things will never be the same. Ludicrous, I mean, let’s be honest for the last two series what have you done? You cried so much you flooded the River Nile, you been unbelievably boring and never really smiled and quite frankly, I don’t understand why. Holly was a fun, bubbly character until the last two series, so maybe her leaving will benefit both her and the show. I hope that these new girls come into the show and prove just how good they are for TV.


I actually remember Chloe joining the show and people slating her, but now look at her! That girl is going further than Tim Peak, she’s flying at the moment and she isn’t going to stop. On that note though, it has been in the press that she went totally radge whilst filming the other day and has now been kicked out of the show. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on that because I am not sure whether it is true so I guess we will have to wait and see!

Rant over – Pt. 2 tonight.

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