Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle battled rare health condition that left him paranoid to leave house

Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle
Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle -Credit:Instagram

One of Geordie Shore's most famous stars, Gaz Beadle, has opened up about a painful health condition that got so bad and impacted his confidence so much that he didn't want to leave the house.

Back in 2011, Gaz was one of the first people to set foot in the Geordie Shore house, in its original Jesmond location, when the MTV show launched to considerable uproar from locals in Newcastle, with unimpressed residents and MPs arguing that it 'damaged' the city's reputation, as millions of viewers couldn't get enough of the cast's wild antics.

It's been seven years since Gaz quit Geordie Shore and, despite rumours linking him to a return for the new series, he was missing in action as the cast headed to Thailand to film this week. And, while several of them were sharing shots from the airport and business class on the plane, Gaz took to his Instagram to post about something very different.

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The now 36-year-old shared a number of shocking pictures, as he opened up to fans about his battle with Folliculitis decalvans - a rare condition that causes ongoing (chronic) inflammation of your hair follicles and scalp. In a very candid post about his experience, Gaz revealed it first started when he got a spot on the back of his head after a haircut which then started to spread, becoming massively inflamed and incredibly sore, to the point where he 'hardly left the house.'

Explaining just how bad things got, Gaz continued: "...then it gets worse again the whole back of my head had gone bald like literally whole back of my head had fell out," before he added that he'd had undergone scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) to try and treat the condition, which thankfully for him, worked, as he showed off the 'before and after' photos of the results.

Gaz's followers were quick to respond to his post, with one replying: "This looks just like what my 12 year old son has. He's been going through it since January! I do believe it all started after having a skin fade at the barbers" and a second writing: "I’m so glad you shared this my partner had to contact his doctors today as the same thing has happened to him from the barbers hoping and praying it won’t get this bad!