George Floyd Mural Collapses in Toledo

A mural dedicated to George Floyd in Toledo, Ohio, has collapsed just over a year after it was completed, with this video from the morning of July 14 showing its remnants and the piles of brick that gave way.

Some local media cited witnesses as saying the mural came down in bad weather, with a possible lightning strike in the vicinity before the collapse.

The National Weather Service reported storms in the area on July 13, and a radar picked up a lightning strike close by, WTVG said.

However, Kaitlin Durbin of the Toledo Blade cited a city building inspector as saying the brick facade collapsed due to its age, and that it had been “bowing” recently.

The mural was created by local artist David Ross, WTOL11 said.

Former police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd on April 20, and sentenced to 22-and-a-half years in prison. Credit: Brendan Gutenschwager via Storyful

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