Terrifying picture shows huge SHARK swimming just metres from oblivous swimmer

Nick Reilly
Simone Gutsche was oblivious to the tiger shark just a few feet behind her (Picture: CEN)

A German model was pleasantly surprised when she saw a couple waving at her as she went for a dip in the sea – and obligingly waved back.

But little did Simone Gutsche know that there was actually a huge shark swimming only yards behind her in the water.

Gutsche had been catching the sun at Cocoa Beach in Florida’s Cape Canaveral when she decided to go for a dip in the sea.

Simone Gutsche couldn’t believe it! (Picture: CEN)

‘There was nobody in the water, not many people were around. I found the emptiness beautiful’, she said.

And when the couple started waving, Simone certainly wasn’t concerned, telling German media: ‘ couple waved to me full of excitement. Out of friendliness, I waved back.’

Luckily, Simone had an instinct that all was not right – and decided to leave the water after struggling to work out why the couple had been screaming at her.

A shark did get her, but it was somewhat less scary (Picture: CEN)
Simone Gutsche is a renowned German model (Picture: CEN)

And as she eventually came back to shore, they terrifyingly revealed that that the shark had been swimming only 16 feet behind her.

‘I was so terrified I didn’t go back into the sea again for days’, she said.

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Tiger sharks are known to lurk at Cape Canaveral, and are considered to be the deadliest species to humans after Great White Sharks.

They are known for visiting particularly shallow waters – heightening their potential risk to humans.