German tourists die in Alaska after 'chunks of ice fall off glacier and knock them into freezing lake'

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
A German couple died from falling ice on the Valdez Glacier Lake (Flickr/file photo)

A couple from Germany have been found dead in Alaska after they were apparently killed by falling chunks of ice.

The as-yet-unidentified pair were among three people who were found dead on the Valdez Glacier Lake on Tuesday.

A kayaker on the icy waters of the lake of the US state raised the alarm after discovering the bodies.

One was found on an ice floe, while the other two were found floating in the freezing cold lake.

Authorities believe falling chunks of ice may have capsized the tourists' canoe (Wikipedia/file photo)

It is believed the victims, who were all aged in their 60s, were paddling together on a single inflatable boat before falling chunks of ice knocked them off.

None of the victims were wearing wetsuits to protect them from the cold of the water.

Valdez city spokeswoman Sheri Pierce said: "It's a very dangerous situation to be back towards the toe of a glacier when you have those types of unstable, large pieces of ice in the water…

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"That water is glacier water, and it is so, so very cold.”

Authorities are investigating their cause of death.

The Valdez Glacier Lake, lies some 120 miles east of Alaska's largest city, Anchorage.

The area is a popular tourist destination for kayakers, hikers and skiers.

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