Get ready for winter warn forecasters, as the mild spell finally comes to an end

David Harding
Britain is set for a turn in the weather, forecasters have warned (PA)

Forecasters have warned that cold weather is on the way bringing a close to the mild weather the UK has recently experienced,

The Met Office said that more wintry-type weather will hit Britain over the next month, and an end to the warm conditions Britain has experienced for many months.

There have been warnings that Britain could face sub-zero temperatures in the next few weeks and even the prospect of a ‘white Halloween’.

There had been some warnings that temperatures would reach as low as -3.

But the Met Office says that is unlikely.

A lamb enjoys the Kent snow in March (PA)

‘It’s going to be much cooler but nothing too harsh for this time of year,’ said meteorologist Becky Mitchell.

‘There will be the odd frosty nights and it is going to be feeling a bit more like winter than it has done recently,’ she added.

Temperatures are likely to be around 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) for Scotland and the north of England and a bit warmer in the south the Mercury hitting an expected maximum of 14 (57) degrees.

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Bathers enjoy the warm weather despite snow still on the Scottish Cairngorms in May this year (PA)

She added that this would be a big change for some especially as temperatures reached 26.5 degrees, almost 80 Fahrenheit in parts of Lincolnshire earlier this month.

The colder spell will come on the back of one of Britain’s best ever summers and autumns.

There were warnings that the hot summer experienced this year would set the tone for future heatwaves.

Temperatures were high throughout but there has been a glimpse of what lies ahead during the winter in recent weeks, including Storm Ali hitting the UK last month.