Get the Peaky Blinders look with new clothing brand Garrison Tailors

Have you ever wanted to feel like you’re one of the Peaky Blinders lads, hanging out down at the Garrison, preparing to get your razor blades out and slash someone’s face? Well hopefully not too many of you are answering ‘yes’ to that last part, but I’m sure there are a few of you who think there are worse ways to dress than the dashing suits of the Peaky Blinders boys.

Series creator Steven Knight has picked up on the love for the fashions displayed in his intense Birmingham-set period TV opus. As he says on the recently launched Garrison Tailors website, ‘In the spirit of ‘why not?’ I’ve decided, along with some trusted friends, to embark on a clothing adventure.’ In the spirit of ‘why not?’ indeed Mr Knight!

Peaky Blinders is one of the best looking shows on TV at the moment and a lot of that is down to the pretty faces of the Peaky Blinders lads, but it’s also largely due to the natty threads they wear. Knight says that ‘lots of people seem to admire the way the Peaky boys look and it’s hard to find clothes that are of the same quality and cut in conventional shops and outlets.’

So if you want to get the Peaky Blinders look, this is your chance. Knight stresses that these aren’t costumes ‘for fancy dress parties’, but instead are real clothes for stylish men to wear in 2016. Having a little pop at the current trend for male dressing, Knight continues, ‘since the sixties the default look for men has been an imitation of American teenage boy attire. Jeans, trainers, sweat shirts, T shirts with logos etc. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you want to actually get dressed.’ Ouch. There I was thinking I’d got dressed this morning.

Apparently I need to get dressed like an early 20th century Birmingham gangster to be considered really ‘dressed’ in some circles. Consider me corrected.

Knight is promising the clothes will be high quality at reasonable prices and the collection will be out towards the end of summer. This is your chance to dress and feel like a Peaky Blinder. Just stay out of trouble, keep the razor blades out of your stitching, and don’t think you can sue Knight if you still don’t look quite as cool as Cillian Murphy, Joe Cole and Finn Cole. The clothes can only do so much!