Giant Eddie Hall knocks out two brothers in one round in incredible MMA debut

Eddie Hall knocked out one of the Neffati Brothers on his MMA debut
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Eddie Hall, the strongman who was crowned World's Strongest Man in 2017, made a striking MMA debut on Friday night by defeating two men in a handicap match. The 36 year old returned to combat sports for the first time since his loss to Hafthor 'The Mountain' Bjornsson in a boxing match at the World Freak Fight League event in Blackburn.

He faced off against the Neffati Brothers, Jamil and Jamel, in a two-on-one match. Despite a slow start where the brothers avoided Hall for the first two rounds, the British powerhouse managed to knock out one of his opponents with a powerful right hand, securing a stylish victory.

Hall had previously thrown one brother to the ground and defended himself from the other before knocking the first brother unconscious. This win served as validation for Hall, who had been frustrated by the brothers' reluctance to engage in earlier rounds.

In the lead-up to the fight, tensions escalated during a press conference when Hall was slapped by one of the brothers. His response was to throw someone at the brothers as security guards stepped in.

Hall, before the fight, made a bold promise to "knock both brothers out". He shared: "Training has been pretty hard, it's double the cardio. You've got two eyes on you and four fists, you've got to keep moving all of the time. I've really struggled to find people as small as them, my 11-year-old son is bigger than the pair of them put together. I'm going to knock one of them out, then pick him up and knock the other out with him.", reports the Mirror.

On the other hand, the Neffati Brothers expressed their surprise that Hall had agreed to take the fight against them. They commented: "I'm surprised he took the fight, I thought he was bigger. He keeps saying he's going to do this and that, but he is so slow. We've been training with professional fighters, not teddy bears like me. I can imagine after 45-seconds he is going to want help sent for him or throw in the towel and go crying."

Reflecting on the knockout after the fight, one of the brothers said: "It must have been a good punch as I cannot remember anything. People were shouting at me from the crowd and I shouted back you come and f****** him, see if you can do it! ".