Giant wasp nest found in loft, buzzing with 20,000 insects

Staff writer

This is the moment a "beast" of a wasp nest was found in the loft of a suburban house Newbury, Berkshire, swarming with 20,000 of the stinging insects.

Pest controller Shane Jones was called to the family home after a mum was repeatedly stung by 30 wasps in her bathroom.

The woman was confused as she could find no signs of the wasps outside her house. Shane spotted wasps buzzing around the bathroom extractor fan and climbed up into the loft. There, he discovered the bulging giant nest wrapped around a duct pipe.

Talking to the Portsmouth News Shane said: "It was a beast. It had to be two or three feet wide and was wrapped around the pipe where the steam comes out from the bathroom - but the wasps were coming down it. It was a busy spot and a hairy spot up there."

After Shane had used chemicals to eradicate the wasps from the house he was asked to leave monster nest was left in place as the homeowner wanted her children to see it!