Gillian Anderson looks 'miserable' while promoting new book on happiness

When promoting happiness, it’s probably best advised to practice what you preach – a lesson that appeared to be lost on Gillian Anderson.

The X Files star left viewers confused by her ‘miserable’ appearance during a stint on This Morning earlier today to plug her new wellbeing book, We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere.

Joined by co-author Jennifer Nadal, Gillian failed to give the book a good plug, with viewers soon takinh to Twitter to blast the actress for looking so downcast.

Gillian Anderson appeared downcast while promoting happiness

In the segment billed ‘the secret to happiness’, the 48-year-old struggled to muster up a smile, leading to host Phillip Schofield even asking her if she was happy.

Despite laughing off the question, viewers were not convinced, with several asking if she had even read her own book.

#thismorning well NOT be buying there book then as they both look a right pair of miserable b******s [sic],’ one unimpressed viewer tweeted.

Gillian Anderson and co-author Jennifer Nadal (Photo: Rex)

While another said: ‘feeling sad this morning but seeing how happy Gillian Anderson has cheered me right up? #smackeda**e face happy happy happy’.

Another added: ‘@Schofe I think you should tell Gillian Anderson to read her own book #ThisMorning’.

And another said: ‘Key to happiness? These pair couldn’t look more miserable if they tried! #ThisMorning #FaceLikeASlappedA**e’.

Gillian Anderson (Photo: Rex)

Speaking to Red magazine about the book, Gillian recently stressed the importance of opening up about and sharing problems with other women.

She said: ‘I want women to feel that they are not alone. Getting honest is really important.’

Perhaps it was too early a start for the actress…