Girl, 13, Goes Down A Storm At Elton Concert

By Jane Chilton, Scotland correspondent
Girl, 13, Goes Down A Storm At Elton Concert

A dream has come true for a teenage girl from Scotland when she opened a concert for Sir Elton John.

Tallia Storm, who is just 13, was invited by Sir Elton to open his concert at Falkirk Stadium , after he heard a demo of her voice.

The teenager, with a big voice and even bigger hair, was on a family holiday when she spotted Sir Elton's partner David Furnish having his breakfast in the hotel she was staying in.

She dashed up to her bedroom, grabbed a demo CD of her songs, and asked Mr Furnish to pass it on to Sir Elton - which he did.

The next day, as she was leaving San Franciso Airport with her family to come home, her mobile phone rang and it was Sir Elton asking her if she'd open his concert in Falkirk with him.

Tallia told Sky News: "It was crazy, he couldn't hear me very well because I was in the airport when my mobile rang and I was going through security at the time.

"But he said he loved my voice and found it very soulful. These last few months have been quite surreal.

"I have been to LA and New York in between school and rehearsing really hard.

"It's the opportunity of a lifetime and each and every day I'm grateful for the chance and don't take it for granted."

At the concert Tallia performed five numbers and the audience seemed to appreciate her talent.

One member of the audience said: "You can't believe it really, she's only 13. A big voice and big hair."

Another said: "She's going to be a big star - just like Elton."

After her performance, an exhilarated Tallia said: "I would love to give David Furnish a big cuddle if I see him as I still can't believe he was so kind as to actually pass on my CD - I will be forever indebted to him."