Girl in Disbelief After Family Surprises Her with Taylor Swift Tickets

One lucky Taylor Swift fan in St Paul, Minnesota, was in shock after her family surprised her with floor tickets to Swift’s Eras Tour, video posted earlier this month shows.

Mckenna Jacobson recorded this video of her sister, Kelsey, and said the high school sophomore is a huge Taylor Swift fan. Mckenna told Storyful they tried to buy tickets earlier this year, but were unable to after the ‘Ticketmaster Fiasco’ in November 2022, leaving Kelsey “pretty bummed.”

Mckenna explained that her mom received an email from Ticketmaster explaining that they were giving verified fans another opportunity to try for tickets.

“They only allowed two tickets. It was not guaranteed and I had to choose a range for the amount I was willing to pay per ticket. If tickets were available, my mom would be notified a week later,” she said. “We ended up getting two and we waited a few weeks so we could tell Kelsey together.”

The video shows Kelsey buttering a piece of bread, visibly annoyed as Mckenna keeps pointing out where her “roommate’s tickets” are before finally revealing the tickets are actually for Kelsey. Kelsey can then be seen in disbelief as emotions come over her.

“My mom definitely played a huge role in this as well and deserves a ton of credit for her selfless role. She doesn’t even get to go!” Mckenna said. Credit: Mckenna Jacobson via Storyful