Girl Fails To Hand In Homework In Time - But Has The BEST Excuse Ever

A young girl who didn’t get her homework in on time handed in a note to her teacher explaining why - and it was one heck of a reason.

Maddie’s teacher might have thought his pupil had a belly ache or she had no time - but it was all because of her grandfather.

You see, Maddie’s granddad is Tomas Lindahl - and he juts happens to have won a Nobel Prize.

The note written by Maddie’s parents and shared on Imgur stated: “Please give Maddie one more day to complete her homework.

“We had some big family news and did not get to this.

"Her grandpa won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry!”

The photo was captioned ‘Best excuse ever’ - and it’s hard to argue with that.

Commenters on the note agreed, with one writing: “I am keeping that one under the best for the future children.”

Others joked that Maddie should take a leaf out of her prize-winning granddad’s book, with one adding: “Her grandpa is out winning Nobel prizes and she can’t even do her homework!? Failure of the family.”

There’s no word on whether the teacher let Maddie off or gave her an F.

Pics: Imgur/Rex