Our Girl series three return overshadowed by 'irritating' new character Private Maisie Richards

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Our Girl series three returned to BBC One on Tuesday night – but there was one particular person who appeared to ruin the show for most viewers.

New character, Private Maisie Richards – played by Shalom Brune-Franklin – joined army medic Georgie Lane – played by Michelle Keegan – and 2 Section but fans of the show were not happy with the addition to the team.

Many quickly took to Twitter to vent their frustration over the character, with some viewers even threatening to switch off because of her.

The cast of Our Girl season three
The cast of Our Girl season three

One disgruntled viewer said bluntly: ‘HATE this new girl with a passion, already #OurGirl‘.

While another added: ’15 minutes into the first episode and id like to start a petition to get rid of the new annoying gobby girl #OurGirl

And another said: ‘This new girl on #ourgirl is absolutely diabolical. Please make her stop! Episode ruined.’

Another added: ‘This new girl is annoying me already. Can’t act #OurGirl

While one fan commented: ‘Not a fan of the new girl. Her cockiness is irritating the hell out of me.’

Which was echoed by another fan who said: ‘Sorry but this new girl is really annoying me now…I am gonna turn off in a moment!’

During the hour-long episode, Private Maisie Richards came to blows with Georgie over her continued disregard for taking orders.

She was even threatened to be sent home due to her attitude and her unprofessional behaviour – which at one point saw her injure her fellow comrade after dangerously driving a truck through an obstructed road.

The 12 episode series is divided into three parts with four episodes, as the crew goes on tours in Nepal, South Africa and Malaysia.

ONE WEEK TO GO!!!!! #ourgirl @bbcone 9pm Tuesday 10th October ✋

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