Giuliani’s witness at voter fraud hearing just got off probation for computer crime, reports say

Josh Marcus
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One of the Trump campaign’s key witnesses at a hearing about alleged voter fraud before the Michigan legislature just got off probation for an unspecified digital crime, the Daily Mail reports.

Mellissa Carone, a former contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, went before the Michigan House Oversight Committee on Wednesday and claimed in bizarre, oftentimes belligerent testimony that instantly went viral, that she witnessed a host of election misconduct at a Detroit counting center.

According to the Mail, Ms Carone, 33, was sentenced last September to 12 months of probation for an as-yet-unreported incident in 2018, which court documents refer to as “disorderly circumstances warranting alarm” and “computers-using to commit a crime.”

Ms Carone, a vocal Trump supporter who attended “Stop the Steal” protests, claimed in her testimony that tens of thousands of extra votes were smuggled in, voting records were off by 30,000, and “dead people” and “illegals” had voted.

She frequently talked over lawmakers during her testimony—with the president’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani at one point audibly shushing her.

Even before the testimony, there were questions about her reliability. On 13 November, a Michigan judge hearing Ms Carone’s claims said they “simply are not credible.”

Despite their repeated claims of massive voter fraud, the Trump campaign’s election fraud lawsuits continue to lose in court because there’s rarely if ever sufficient evidence to back up their sweeping accusations. Instead, they have turned to public-facing spectacles like hearings and press conferences to make their case.

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