Glasgow City Council to dispose of three former primary school buildings across city

Glasgow City Council is set to demolish three former schoolhouses in Broomhill, Robroyston and Battlefield.

Broomhill Primary School, Beechwood Drive and Gadburn Primary School, at Rockfield Road, and a small site adjacent to 8 Prospecthill Road will be sold to city housing associations

The former schoolhouse of Broomhill Primary School - a three-bedroom 1970s detached bungalow with driveway and garden space - is in the process of being disposed of. The building has now been declared surplus to the council’s property needs.

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The former Gadburn Primary schoolhouse - a three-bedroom 1980s detached bungalow with front and rear gardens - will be under Wheatley Homes Glasgow Limited. Glasgow City Council say the building was declared "surplus, and its disposal is in line with the council’s housing policy objectives". It will generate a capital receipt for the local authority after negotiations are concluded.

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The ownership of the small piece of land (0.027 acres) to be disposed of adjacent to 8 Prospecthill Road will be transferred to the owner of that address. This piece of land was formed when Battlefield Road was expanded leaving behind a small wedge of land between the pedestrian walkway on Battlefield Road and the property.

It was subsequently absorbed into the land surrounding the property after the current owner purchased the home over 20 years ago. The council said there appeared to be "no defining boundary between the subject and adjoining garden of 8 Prospecthill Road, leading the owner to assume this land was part of the curtilage of their property."

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