Glasgow council urged to set up virtual blue badge scheme to cut fines

Woman's hands holding a Blue Badge parking disc issued in the UK to disabled drivers.
-Credit: (Image: Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Glasgow council bosses are being urged to look into the possibility of developing a virtual blue badge scheme to allow people “legitimate” access to their pass.

The idea has been posed by Labour councillor John Carson who asked the convenor for transport, councillor Angus Millar if there were any procedures in place for blue badge holders who receive a parking ticket due to not displaying their badge correctly?

Councillor Carson explained how a blue badge holder in his constituency was charged after failing to display his pass correctly and if Glasgow could follow in the footsteps of Haringey Council and develop a virtual pass scheme.

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He said: “It was an unfortunate case that a constituent of mine, was in contravention of the guidance.

“As a legitimate blue badge holder, the pass had fallen off and while they were still in possession of it, they were still issued a fine.

“Does the convenor think that further allowance should be in place and perhaps should we consider what Haringey Council has done, build a virtual pass scheme which would allow for people who have legitimate access to passes but may have occasional mishaps.

“It would also be useful in tackling fraud and any theft as well.”

Councillor Millar said he was not aware of the measures taken by Haringey Council but was happy to look into it.

He said: “I am obviously not aware of councillor Carson’s constituent and their individual case but if they have not already appealed, officers would be willing to engage to properly ascertain the circumstances around that.

“I am [also] not familiar with Haringey Council that councillor Carson refers to. I am more than happy to look at that and engage with officers to understand if that would be something that is possible - both in terms of the legislation that exists here in Scotland and the council’s process and systems.”

As it stands Blue badge holders can appeal to the city council if they have been issued with a penalty charge notice on the basis that the badge was not displayed properly.

Councillor Millar added: “Blue badge holders should always refer to the Scottish Government guidance Blue Badge scheme which provides the responsibility of a blue badge holder in Scotland.

“That guidance advises specifically on how to display your badge and states that when a badge holder is parking that in order to use the benefits of the badge, they must place it on top of the dashboard or another place where it can be easily read through the windscreen.

“The guidance also says it should face upwards and if the badge becomes unreadable through wear and tear the advice is to return it to the local authority for replacement so they can be issued with a new one.

“If enforcement cannot see a blue penalty badge, then they would issue a penalty charge notice.”

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