Glasgow Lives: Dylan, 23, Knightswood, Events Promoter, Music Agent & Nightclub owner

Events promoter,  Dylan
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I've been throwing parties for as long as I can remember. About three years ago, I started running club nights part-time, and last year I decided to make the leap from my job in railway engineering to work full-time in the events industry. It was a significant decision for me, because I wasn't sure if a career in events would be sustainable for my future. But my passion for creating memorable experiences and bringing people together drove me to take the risk. Transitioning into this new field has been exciting and challenging but I’ve learned so much along the way and feel more fulfilled than ever.

When our team first began dreaming up our brands, our group of five always fantasised about opening our own nightclub. It was a recurring topic during our brainstorming sessions, where we envisioned creating a vibrant space that would redefine nightlife in our city. The idea was to craft an electrifying venue that not only hosted incredible events but also built a sense of community among music lovers. Years later, the opportunity came upon us when our local nightclub became available. It felt like the perfect opportunity had finally arrived, and Tempo was created.

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Ever since the last T in the Park in 2016, I've dreamed about hosting my own music festival. That experience was so inspiring that I applied for unpaid work with some of the UK’s biggest music festivals. That hands-on experience taught me invaluable lessons about the industry. Years later, I managed to turn that dream into reality by starting PRTY Festival. It’s been an incredible journey, filled with challenges and triumphs, and seeing the team’s vision come to life has been beyond rewarding.

A typical day at PRTY HQ is always buzzing. Calls with music agents and promoters, and I get to chat with some of my favourite DJs in the world, which is super cool. Lately, our merchandise sales have been through the roof, so I’m hands-on with everything from designing new gear to getting it packaged and shipped out. We’ve even set up a table tennis table in the office, so I can blow off steam with a quick game now and then. It’s non-stop action here, and every day brings something new and exciting - especially planning our new nightclub Tempo’s opening night.

I've always loved seeing people escape their stressful work weeks and truly enjoy themselves. Our main aim as a company is to unite everyone in the scene and build a strong sense of community within the music world. Music festivals and nightlife provide an opportunity for people to forget their problems and immerse themselves in the moment. When I used to work full-time, I always looked forward to the next festival or big night out with friends. Those experiences were not just about fun - they were about connection and creating lasting memories.

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After a successful show we've put on and hearing all the amazing feedback, I'm incredibly motivated to kick start planning for the next one, whether it's a club night or a festival. With each event, my goal is to raise the bar even higher. Working in this field has been a dream come true for me from the very beginning. They say when you choose a job you love, you'll never have to work again, and that sentiment couldn't be truer for me.

Every day feels like a step closer to achieving something truly special, and I can't wait to see where this journey takes us next. We’re currently working on plans for our 2025 festivals with PRTY and we can’t wait to announce them as we’ve taken everyone’s feedback on board to build the best festivals we can next year.

Behind this entire operation stands a fantastic team of five young lads who have dedicated themselves to the events industry over the past few years. Without their tireless dedication and hard work, none of this would be possible. Each member brings unique skills and passion to the table, and together, we've been able to achieve remarkable things in the world of events. It's inspiring to see how our collective efforts have paid off, and I'm proud to work alongside such a driven and talented team.

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