Goat's Lie Down Interrupted by Grooming Session From Ducks and Geese

A goat’s relaxation time was cut short at an Ohio farm when a group of ducks and geese began to groom him.

Footage posted to Facebook by Oberlin-based farmer Tammy Tunison shows one of her beloved goats Junior taking some time to chill out in a large rubber feed bucket.

But poor Junior’s alone time is soon interrupted as the ducks and geese approach him to pluck out any tasty morsels that may be hiding in his fur.

Tunison told Storyful that they were “looking for something to eat in is hair as if they were looking through the grass for bugs to eat.”

She said that Junior is “so patient” with the ducks and geese, until they begin to groom “under his tail near his butt”.

According to Tunison, this is a “no go zone” for him. “That’s when he lets them know he has had enough and swats them away with his head,” she said.

Oberlin-based farmer Tammy Tunison regularly films humorous videos of her goats and other pets, posting them to her Hobby Farm Facebook account. Credit: Tammy Tunison via Storyful

Video transcript



Oh, Junior. You're so funny. Oh, baby, you're so funny.