Godiva Festival hailed as 'best value event of its kind' by organisers

Crowds will descend on War Memorial Park for Godiva Festival
-Credit: (Image: CoventryLive)

Organisers of the Godiva Festival have hailed it as ‘the best value’ of its kind as they celebrate how a generation has ‘grown up’ with the event. This year, 2024, marks the Godiva Festival’s 25th anniversary and there’s just days to go until it returns to the city this weekend.

In a series of interviews with BBC Coventry and Warwickshire current festival director Jon Hogan hailed the event as the ‘icing on the cake’ of what is ‘going on under the surface of the city’.

He added: “I still maintain that Godiva is the best value festival of its type. There is no promoter walking away with a profit from this. The council doesn’t make a profit.

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“We bring the cost down as much as we can to cover the overheads and that’s just about it.”

He added that the event is unique because it is ‘by the city for the city with the city’ and that people have ‘grown up’ with it.

Mr Hogan said: “There are young people in the city who haven’t known not having a Godiva. It’s part of folklore.

“The public are our biggest loyalty and supporters for the festival because as I say, without them we’re just stood in a field making noise.”

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Previous festival directors shared memories of the event over the years, including Mick Emerson who remembered how it used to be ‘completely different’ and Lee House who said organisers once got ‘into trouble’ for ‘spoiling kids exams’ after noise concerns were raised.

The festival began getting ‘good numbers’ in its third year, culminating in around 69,000 people attending last year. Entry used to be free, with charges first introduced in 2019.

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