'Gogglebox' viewers complain to Ofcom over 'disturbing' X-rated duck scene

Watch: Gogglebox families shocked by X-rated scene involving a duck

Gogglebox viewers have complained to Ofcom over a sexual scene involving a woman and a duck.

Friday night’s episode saw some of the armchair critics watching a bit of Roar, a feminist anthology series on Apple+ TV that is based on a collection of short stories, including one called 'The Woman Who Was Fed By A Duck'.

The Gogglebox cast could not believe their eyes when one scene saw a woman and a duck gearing up for an intimate moment.

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And broadcasting watchdog Ofcom has now confirmed that it has received 149 complaints about the episode of the Channel 4 show.

The cast watched, shocked, as the woman started to undo her clothes and lay down and the duck waddled towards her.

Giles Wood was shocked. (Doug Peters/EMPICS)
Giles Wood was shocked. (Doug Peters/EMPICS)

Some of the TV stars looked away, while others asked what they were watching.

Looking stunned, Giles Wood murmured: "The duck can't physically..."

Mary replied: "Well he can Nutty, he can use his beak."

Turning his head from the screen, Twaine Plummer muttered: “I know what's going to happen but I'm not too sure what's going to happen but I know what's going happen but I'm... yeah.”

Viewers were also shocked by the scene.

Some said they felt “traumatised” by the whole thing.

“Deeply disturbing is the best way to describe it,” one viewer posted on Twitter.

“I cannot believe what I saw,” said another, while someone else said they were “speechless”.

“It was the worst thing I've ever seen on TV!” one fan declared.

Another tweeted: “OMGGGGGGG what the hell is that Roar programme about with the duck??!!!!!! Just when you think you’ve seen it all…”

One viewer said it was “disgusting”.

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“I’m legit traumatised,” they wrote on Twitter, asking: “WHO the hell came up with that show, and WHO approved it!”

However, others thought the bizarre scene was hilarious.

“It was disturbing but my God it was funny,” said one.