Gogglebox star Pete Sandiford says wife 'doing his head in' as he opens up on marriage

Gogglebox star Pete and his wife Paige share two young children -Credit:@paigesandiford_/Instagram

Gogglebox favourite Pete Sandiford had viewers in stitches during the show's latest episode on Friday, as he vented about his wife Paige, jokingly saying she's 'doing his head in'.

Chatting to his sister Sophie, 24, on their iconic sofa, Pete, 26, shared some light-hearted marital woes: "Paige has been doing my head in. You know [daughter] Eva's birthday party? Have you rung about the hot pot? Have you rung about the hot pot? I was in a meeting at work the other day and she rang me four times. Guess what about?"

He quipped further, reports the Mirror: "Honestly, I said, why are we not just having sandwiches? Do I look like I am Jeff Bezos?" Pete and Paige celebrated their wedding in 2021 and welcomed their son Jimmy that same year.

In a touching moment on Gogglebox in December 2022, Pete announced they were expecting their second child. The baby girl arrived in June 2023, as reported by OK! magazine.

On the show, Pete introduced his newborn daughter to viewers, holding her tenderly and shouting to Sophie: "Sophie, did I tell you Eva's full name? She's going to be Eva Sylvie Sandiford."

pete and paige
Pete and Paige tied the knot in 2021 -Credit:Instagram/ @Pete Sandiford)

The thrilled new auntie joyfully responded: "I love it! " Pete and his sister Sophie have been firm favourites on Gogglebox since they first appeared in 2017. Over the years, as regular features of our Friday nights, the siblings have undergone significant life changes.

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Sophie has embarked on a new career as a florist, while Pete has got married and started family life. Meanwhile, Gogglebox's Ellie Warner has won fans' admiration as she celebrated her son Ezra's first birthday and proudly showed off the delightful cake she baked for the occasion.

Ellie shared two adorable photos; one featuring the TV star with her partner Nat and their little boy, and another of Ellie showcasing the impressive homemade cake for the event. The uniquely decorated birthday cake was adorned with icing mushrooms and stylishly arranged candles.

Dressed casually in a white T-shirt and black leggings, with her blonde hair pulled back into a bun, Ellie commented: "Early 1st birthday celebrations for Ezra! Got to milk your 1st birthday." She also proudly added: "I just wanted to show off the cake I made really."

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