Gogglebox's Lee pulls on-air hair prank on Jenny

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Gogglebox's Lee pulls on-air hair prank on JennyChannel 4

Gogglebox spoilers follow.

Friday's (May 10) episode of Gogglebox saw Lee pull a hilarious hair prank on Jenny.

As the Hull-based stars sat down to catch up on this week's TV, Lee decided to test out a can of red hairspray on his friend.

"Let me do this on your hair," said Lee as he shook the can, with Jenny worriedly asking: "Oh, what is it?"

"No! It's nice! It's supposed to make your hair real thick," Lee assured his friend, to which she replied: "I've got thick hair anyway."

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After spraying the red colouring on Jenny's hair, Lee began to laugh — with an anxious Jenny running to check herself out in the mirror. "You better not have a colour in this," she warned.

As she noticed her new look, Jenny remarked: "Oh, you're joking me, aren't you?"

"Oh I haven't got any on the back," Lee then said, with Jenny hilariously adding: "I don't want the bloody back doing! I look like a match!"

As Jenny sat back down, Lee shared his love for the colour, saying: "Oh yeah, it looks really nice Jen!"

Jenny soon warmed to the bright shade too, explaining: "Actually I quite like it!"

a woman sitting on a couch
Channel 4

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The show's viewers were quick to share their reactions to the hilarious hair prank on X (formerly Twitter), with one writing: "Why does Jenny always fall for Lee's antics?" alongside laughing emojis.

"Love the red Jennie," another added, with a third commenting: "He's pranked Jennie and she's fallen for it again."

A fourth viewer went on share her love for the Hull-based duo, writing: "Give Jenny and Lee their own spin off show."

Tonight's instalment of Gogglebox also saw the professional TV watchers react to the latest episode of Britain's Got Talent, Celebrity Beat the Chasers, The Yorkshire Vet and Dannii Minogue's new dating reality series I Kissed a Girl.

Gogglebox airs and streams on Channel 4.

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