Summer's here! Scorching bank holiday weather could see 30c heatwave on Monday

bank holiday weather
Beachgoers in Brighton lap up the sun on Thursday. (Rex)

It looks like we could be in a scorcher on Monday – with bank holiday weather leading to 30c temperatures in parts of England, say forecasters.

According to the Met Office, areas in southern England and the north of Scotland will experience balmy highs of 30C – which sounds like the perfect excuse to get your barbecue out for the first time this year.

But let’s not forget that this, after all, is Britain, and rain is still around the corner.

bank holiday weather
Here’s how the weather will look on Saturday… (Picture: Met Office)
bank holiday weather
Park life: A sunseeker in central London on Thursday. (Rex)

The Met Office also warns that there could be some thunderstorms in the UK on Saturday – and they are likely to be concentrated in the north and western parts of England in the UK.

Still, it’s likely to be very warm for the rest of us – and slightly fresher in some Western areas.

As for Sunday, rain, showers and thunderstorms are expected to dominate southern and central parts of Britain – with drier and brighter conditions moving further north.

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A spokesperson for The Met Office said: ‘The more likely scenario is for rather mixed conditions during the Bank Holiday, with showery outbreaks of rain, perhaps heavy and thundery, but also some brighter spells.

‘Temperatures are likely to be down compared to earlier on in the weekend, although it should stay rather warm and humid, especially in the southeast.’

And with that, we’re already firing up the barbecue.